2 tainted Cadbury products put Malaysian in shock.

Assalamualaikum and good day to all. We've all heard it and we all know about it. Cadbury, an internationally renowned company for producing chocolates has been found to be producing chocolates which contain pig DNA. This is a big issue because it has the Halal logo from Jakim that we entrust by its enforcement to only be put on halal food. And pig is by no means halal in everyday situations.

            Muslims who are concerned about their food consumption must have felt a blow from this. And various views have conjured out from this issue. When issues like these surface, what we fear are views that are immature. Views that come from no basis. Views that are not facts what more academic. In the Cadbury issue, we acknowledge that it is Cadbury who is the one who has to take actions to right the wrong that has been done. We believe the authorities has done a fair job to curb this by taking back the affected batch of chocolates and all but what we regret is the statement being said by a muslim or a group of muslim groups. This statement goes about Cadbury having to pay for blood cleansing. All in our lives, we have never heard of such extreme.

This article is not to highlight what could be said as a ridiculous statement but to actually invite GMM readers to think carefully before coming out with a statement. What more if the statement is regarding religious issues. We hope that readers would also be critical in analysing statements that surface after a heated issue as this Cadbury one. Because there could be people out there that holds press conferences and produce press statements just for show and popularity because it is a national issue.

            However, new information and press statement arose from National Fatwa Council committee chairman Prof Emeritus Tan Sri Dr Abdul Shukor Husin regarding the issue. He said it was included under “Umum al-Balwa”, a rampant problem which was difficult to avoid.

"In the case of ready-made products that had been marketed to consumers and produced through processes using clean and halal ingredients and had been confirmed as halal, but later found it had been contaminated with pig DNA in certain batches only, then the committee had decided that it was categorised as 'Umum al-Balwa’”

"The ruling on the product is referred to the original ruling, that is, halal for consumption because the contamination occurred beyond the scope of control and difficult to avoid,"  
-Tan Sri Dr Abdul Shukor-

This big issue becomes bigger when people are currently confused on the statement made by National Fatwa Committee. Maybe, from our perspectives, the religious department and National Fatwa Committee should make few explanations that detail on the issue involving ‘halal’ as now even international media have put this issue as their ‘headlines’.

Lastly, form our sincere heart; Halal not just issue of food.  



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