Is it rational to abolish AUKU1971?

well...i leave it to you guys how you want to respond regarding this matter.bcoz i believe in your credibility as university student. in my opinion, i agree for higher education minister to amend or (hopefully) to abolish this 'draconian' act. why? below i listed the reasons....
several negative implications as to the enforcement of AUKU upon the students and undergraduates’ movement:

  1. Encourage the growth of individualistic and materialistic among university students. Majority of the students agree that a university is mere a place to study and find a good income thereafter. The enforcement of this Act decreases the students’ awareness on the current social reality outside the campus.
  2. The growth of fears culture among the students (if or when they override AUKU). This culture has leaded the students from inquiry, criticized, and opined a new idea or transformation for the benefit of the society at large.
  3. No more exist a slogan of ‘Student is a spokesman of the society’. The students nowadays are more interested to the more enjoyable activities like recreation, sport, and music.
  4. Students are not interested anymore to national or international political scenario, not even want to appreciate and analyze it.
  5. AUKU does not encourage the participation in campus elections. It has been reported that the percentage of voting among students has declined in 7 IPTAs and there are some campuses which provide a ‘lucky draw’ to those who vote which is a dishonourable towards a knowledge culture and also encourage money politic among students.
  6. AUKU does not generate leadership. In election at some campuses, 100 of chairs were winning without contested and 100% chairs in 3 campuses (including UiTM) were winning by one party without contested.
hurm...'tepuk dada tanya iman' 'sendiri mau ingatlah!' =)



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